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A lifetime of yearning for adventure and stubbornly refusing to stop growing.

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Gabby Hartin

Learn ● Change ● Grow

Higher Curve is the brain child and life’s work of Gabby Hartin, borne from her dedication to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to greater performance levels through the power of consistent learning, change and growth.

She is the consummate professional, remaining at the coal face of solutions that today’s organisations demand whilst building a creative learning agency to deliver those solutions

Higher Curve exists to utilise its diverse experience to gain rapid engagement with its clients. Gabby leads the way with the ability to translate complex, organisational imperatives into compelling and creative leadership development programs and workforce transformation initiatives.

These programs not only meet strategic objectives but takes organisations to their next level by instilling sustainable change and consistent growth into mindsets and ways of working.

"Higher Curve brings together the very best of Modern Methodologies, Diverse Professionals and Creative Partners across the Learning, Change & Development spectrum."

Learn ● Change ● Grow

Gabby’s LEARN CHANGE GROW skill set is built from a lifetime of yearning for adventure and stubbornly refusing to stop growing.

It's backed by post graduate qualifications including a Master of Education from TCNJ, USA and deep, broad experience both locally and across the world.

Professionally, she’s worked extensively with Corporate, SME, Government, Education & VET sector clients to develop customised education and learning solutions for over 25 years.

Gabby personally (and proudly) oversees every project in her hands on role as Lead Consultant across Higher Curve’s broad spectrum of work.

Whilst traversing the globe

Gabby integrated eight years of international postings working in premium, world renowned, educational settings spanning three continents.

Across Indonesia, Venezuela and central Europe with Zurich as her base, she delivered her pioneering learning & growth solutions to international student bodies, across global teaching faculties and at International Conferences

When it comes to business leadership

Gabby founded, grew and managed the Australian based, award-winning, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and L&D Consultancy, APCOT Solutions in the early ‘00s.

Finding the simplicity in the complexity

Gabby proudly brings her next venture, Higher Curve to the market with proven results blended with innovation, renewal and vigour.This is the essence of Higher Curve.We’re here to find the simplicity within the complexity for diverse organisations.
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