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Higher Curve Learning

Coaching Skills for leaders to drive sustainable change and better business

Every business wants to change!

At Higher Curve, we hear it all the time. Businesses want to make meaningful change. Need to make it. But don't know how, or where to start.

Higher Curve Learning

As a leading Learning Creation and Delivery Agency, our flagship coaching program COACH to GROW is designed to help managers and leaders overcome this problem.

Higher Curve Learning

Our one day, two-part program helps Companies make positive, lasting change by inspiring leaders and managers to adopt the tools and techniques required to guide their own teams toward their full performance potential.

Higher Curve Learning

What we provide

Simple ● Fast

Simple ● Fast ● Powerful results for change makers

Higher Curve appreciates how stretched for time managers and leaders feel in today’s work place. COACH to GROW provides simple yet powerful coaching techniques managers can embed in their everyday work practice, with results like:

  • Reducing stress to free up time
  • Driving engagement and impact
  • Increasing active learning and innovation
  • Developing and encouraging their teams to flourish and thrive
  • Creating the time and space to do their own great work

The workshop teaches the incremental changes you can make to create a collaborative coaching style that will drive team growth and increase productivity.

Higher Curve Learning

What we deliver

Simple ● Fast

Who gets the most out of COACH to GROW?

If you’re a manager or leader committed to sparking legitimate, sustained and positive change in your organisation, then you’re the perfect candidate for COACH to GROW

Higher Curve formulated this research-backed program to build participants’ coaching capabilities and develop continuous learning mindsets.

Our expert facilitators who deliver these sessions immerse participants in transformative, experiential activities designed to stimulate new leadership thinking – thinking that can be immediately transformed into action.

Higher Curve Learning

What we do

Simple ● Fast

Workshops and customised solutions

COACH to GROW is a two-part program completed over one day.

Part 1: BEGIN – a rapid fire introduction to start shifting mindsets and instill powerful insights.

Part 2: EMBED – dives into the science behind Higher Curve’s expert coaching approach

Our workshops are best suited to groups of 12-16 people but we can also accommodate larger groups.

We recognise some businesses have additional needs and we can tailor the program to meet those needs.

Talk to us to find out just how we can accommodate your specific organisations requirements.

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Higher Curve Learning

3 Reasons why Higher Curve is different

Learn ● Change ● Grow

We build your momentum for reinvention and renewal

As a leading Learning Creation and Delivery Agency, we help organisations overcome the resistance to change and move onwards towards growth.

We exist to develop growth focused leaders who can lead teams to their full performance potential. In turn, we design workforce learning programs to support organisational change and growth initiatives.

Just like a high functioning eco-system, our custom and core programs are designed to build you a culture of continual renewal using our TRIAD Mindset and ECOS Model.

We help companies make positive change

The success for our clients comes from what we call our TRIAD Mindset: Learn – Change – Grow

This is our exclusive, research-based philosophy that clients embrace to become the leaders they want to be.

By embracing this philosophy, our clients report many positive outcomes, including:

  • Fresh outlooks on achieving their goals
  • Better collaboration to inspire positive change in their teams and organisations
  • Better employee engagement around change and performance growth initiatives

We create eco-systems where learning efficiency and creativity thrive

Our ECOS design approach means participants;
  • learn more in less time,
  • become active problem solvers,
  • collaborative team members and
  • big picture, innovative thinkers

“Everything we do is grounded in our ECOS MODEL – essential yet complex variables existing within an organised structure – an eco-system where both learning efficiency and creativity thrives.”

Gabby Hartin
Founding CEO

We are

What our clients say

Learn ● Change ● Grow

'A really practical session that makes you think!'

'This workshop is full of great insights. The activities really drive home an approach I can take with me. Thanks for a great experience"

'Loved the hands-on approach - a great way to experience things from a completely different perspective and explore coaching skills I could try with my team.'

Are you ready for a new way of leading?

Insightful keynotes

Our keynotes are insightful and interactive. We’ll introduce key concepts, tips and tactics to get you started on your COACH to GROW journey.

Have us in

Develop a shared, COACH to GROW approach across your leadership and management teams. Choose our core, ready to go program or our custom option to meet your specific needs

Join us at our public workshop

Collaborate with a diverse group of individuals committed to sparking legitimate, sustained and positive change in their organisations.

Insightful Keynotes

a great way to start your COACH to GROW journey
An introduction into the key concepts during a LunchNLearn, Breakfast or Twilight session is a great way to get the COACH to GROW conversation started in your organisation. Gabby Hartin, founding CEO and the creator of COACH to GROW will deliver intriguing insights and strategies from the program for your select audience.

have us in

bring the COACH to GROW workshop to your organisation:

Our immersive workshop already has the capacity for real -time audience customisation. If that’s what you’re after, leave us your details and we’ll be back in touch to book you in!

Alternatively, we can provide a deeper level of customisation. To do so, we’d love to chat with you to better understand the problems you are trying to solve and the growth you are aspiring to.

Let’s get the conversation started.

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COACH to GROW Webinar - coming soon

Simple ● Fast ● Powerful results for change makers

The GO TO WEBINAR for all Business, HR and Learning Leaders, Functional Managers, Business Owners & CEOs

Gabby shares simple, yet powerful insights into coaching techniques managers and leaders can embed into everyday work practices to develop a growth-focused mindset, develop your people and achieve amazing results

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