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Human Centred Leadership for the Digital Era & the Future of Work

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Coach to grow

Equipping you with coach like skills & behaviours to nurture, grow and develop your people.

Simple ● Fast ● Powerful results for Growth Focused, Human Centred Leadership

We're standing on the precipice of the Digital Vanguard

Simple ● Fast ● Powerful results for change makers

Now more than ever, leaders & managers must transition from command and control to people enablers in order to influence the future direction of their organisations.

Our COACH to GROW Program equips you with coach like skills & behaviours you can integrate into your day to day approach;

consistentlyincrementallycollaboratively to nurture, grow and develop your people into the Digital Era and the Future of Work

  • Develop a growth focused mindset, develop your people and achieve great results.

Popular Services

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Learning Strategy

Align business goals to your learning initiatives: the glue that sticks your learning outcomes to your business goals – it’s where we build your first layer of efficiency that drives performance.


Program & Instructional Design

Learning initiatives that drives change and triggers growth: the key to genuine engagement and streamlined delivery – it’s where we blend structure and innovation for the greatest impact.

Facilitate - Mentor - Coach

It’s about being human: the human-to-human connection that challenges, supports and inspires your people – it’s where we embed the learning to sustain change and drive growth.

Digital Learning

Technology based learning that supports your growth: We’re not here to sell you the latest technology trend. Our deep and broad expertise means we find the right digital tools at the right time to help you achieve your goals and drive your growth.


Assessment & Evaluation

The cornerstone of our design approach: the strongest link to achieving genuine outcomes – it’s our cleverly designed assessment and honest evaluation tools – that nets you the greatest results.


Graphic Recording

Deliver a memorable learning experience: real-time, hand drawn visuals deliver an experience that is remembered, shared and talked about long after the event has finished – it’s where we take your workshops, meetings and events to the next level.

Higher Curve Learning

3 Reasons why Higher Curve is different

Learn ● Change ● Grow

We build your momentum for reinvention and renewal

We are passionate about developing the next generation of Growth Focused, Human Centred Leaders – leaders who lead to unlock the potential of others

Just like a high functioning eco-system, our custom and core programs are designed to build you a culture of continual renewal using our TRIAD Mindset and ECOS Model.


We help companies make positive change

The success for our clients comes from what we call our TRIAD Mindset: Learn – Change – Grow

This is our exclusive, research-based philosophy that clients embrace to become the leaders they want to be.

With toxic & destructive leadership styles infiltrating our organisations, leading through a growth focused mindset sets LEARN, CHANGE, GROW into action

We create eco-systems where learning efficiency and creativity thrive

Our ECOS design approach means participants;
  • learn more in less time,
  • become active problem solvers,
  • collaborative team members and
  • big picture, innovative thinkers

“Everything we do is grounded in our ECOS MODEL – an eco-system where both learning efficiency and creativity thrives.”

Gabby Hartin
Founding CEO

We Are the New Vanguard - Joining with Growth Focused, Human Centred Leaders & Change Makers

Our Work

Have a look through some of our past projects


Delivering a Ground-breaking Framework

Delivering a world first, Skills & Knowledge Framework for Magistrates to springboard reform driven growth.


Reform Driven Strategy

Delivering a workforce education strategy to support organisational wide reform.


Business Education Event Drawn Live

Graphically recording a business education event.


Supporting a Change Journey

A mentoring program to support learning and navigate growth.

Join us on the Higher Curve

Inspiring bold, future driven
change makers to:


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients think;
Workforce Development & Change, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

"Our organisation wide Education Strategy has been the cornerstone to implementing key workforce reform projects. This complex strategy has been crafted in a way that is quick and easy to convey and comprehend. It incorporates a keen eye for detail while maintaining a broad vision of the needs of a complex set of stakeholders. Our consultant was an ideal collaborator - with a quick mind and an affable nature. We would happily have Higher Curve back again to work on our future projects. "

Ellery Hickson
Manager Workforce Development & Change, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
Judicial College of Victoria

"I wanted to thank you for the huge amount of work you put into developing such a well-crafted and comprehensive Family Violence Knowledge and Skills Framework. It will greatly assist the College to develop and deliver family violence education for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria that is skilfully planned and tailored to meet the needs of the Magistrates."

Samantha Burchell
Zen High Achiever

"Higher Curve’s visual masterpiece became a focal point during and after our Mindfulness Workshop. It became a memorable takeaway for attendees and a fantastic tool for social media visibility racking up thousands of views. We have already booked Higher Curve back in and can’t wait to see what is created next!”

Nathalie Heynderickx
Founder, Coach, Trainer & Consultant

"Gabby is an amazing mentor. I come away from each session focused, re-energised and motivated on what I need to do. Her knowledge, insight and empathic approach has made the world of difference."


Individually we are a drop; together we are an ocean

Great things happen when we work together.  Drop us a line and let’s see where our colllaboration can take us.

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